Workshop Equipments

October 27, 2008

Workshop Equipments

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Intent of Specification


                        This specification is intended to cover the following activities and services in respect of all the Workshop equipments for 2×500 MW units.


11.1.0               Scheme of Workshop Equipments


                        The workshop equipment shall be required for machining various components of the Power Station equipment. The design, materials of construction and the manufacture of the machines shall be suitable for the service.


11.1.1               All equipment shall be provided with suitable safety measures/guards as per applicable national/international safety norms.


11.1.2               Drive unit shall be suitable for maximum speed and feed. 


11.1.3               Material of construction of various components shall be of tested quality to ensure long and smooth service life.


11.1.4               Suitable lubrication arrangement shall be provided for longer service life of moving components.


11.1.5               Maximum noise level from any equipment shall be limited to 85 dBA at 1 m distance under any operating conditions.


11.1.6               All workshop equipment shall be supplied with standard fittings & accessories.


11.2.0               Scope of Works


The scope of supply of the various workshop equipments complete with all standard accessories, drives, cabling from panel to respective drives and starter/control panels, as applicable shall include but not limited to the following equipments:


11.2.1               One (1) no lathe of swing over bed 500 mm and distance between centers 1000 mm.


11.2.2               One (1) no lathe of swing over bed 500 mm and distance between centers 1500 mm.


11.2.3               One (1) no lathe of swing over bed 575mm and distance between centers 2000 mm.


11.2.4               One (1) no milling machine of table size 1600 mm x 300 mm.


11.2.5               One (1) no radial drill with 6 ft radius.


11.2.6               One (1) no pedestal drill of drilling capacity upto ⅝”, 2 ftx2 ft table size.


11.2.7               One (1) no pedestal drill of drilling capacity of upto ¾”.


11.2.8               One (1) no pedestal drill of drilling capacity of upto ⅞”.


11.2.9               Three (3) nos.. portable drill guns.


11.2.10             One (1) no tool and cutter grinder of swing over bed 280 mm and distance between centers 750 mm.


11.2.11             One (1) no pedestal grinder of 24” wheel diameter.


11.2.12             One (1) no double-ended rough grinding machine of 12” wheel diameter.


11.2.13             One (1) no surface grinding machine with 250 mm wheel diameter and table size 250 mm x 1000 mm


11.2.14             One (1) no double-ended grinder of 6” wheel diameter.


11.2.15             One (1) no cylindrical grinding machine with swing over bed 280 mm and distance between centers 480 mm


11.2.16             One (1) no hand operated plate shears for 12 SWG sheet cutting.


11.2.17             One (1) no pedestal mounted plate shear for 12 SWG sheet cutting.


11.2.18             One (1) no metal cutting hacksaw of 8” capacity.


11.2.19             One (1) no punching and shearing machine with shearing capacity of 120mmx12mm flat and hole punching capacity of 20 mm dia in 12 mm thick MS plate.


11.2.20             One (1) no thread cutting machine for upto 6” diameter pipe.


11.2.21             Six (6) nos.. work benches of size 900mmX600mm.


11.2.22             One (1) no fitter’s vice of size 150mm


11.2.23             One (1) complete set of general hand tools consisting of


i)                 Ring Spanner Set, 6-32mm (12 nos..)

ii)                D/E Spanner Set, 6-32mm (12 nos..)

iii)              Socket Spanner, 8-32mm (1 Set)

iv)              Spanner Set 1/8” to 3/4” (1 Set)

v)               Ring Spanner 1/8” X 3/4” to 9/16” X 11/16” (1 Set)

vi)              Allan Keys 1.5mm to 10mm (1 Set)


11.2.24             One (1) complete set of measuring tools consisting of


i)                 Vernier Calliper of size 6” (1no.)

ii)                Vernier Calliper of size 12” (1no.)

iii)              Screw Pitch Gauge (1 no.)

iv)              Internal Circlip Plier of size 7” (1 no.)

v)               External Circlip Plier of size 7” (1 no.)

vi)              Steel Rule of size 12” (1 no.)

vii)             Dial Gauge (1 no.)

viii)           Tachometer-Contact type (1 no.)


11.2.25             One (1) no hydraulic press of capacity of 15 tons


11.2.26             One (1) no coil winding machine


11.2.27             One (1) no. making-off table of size 5 ft x 3 ft


11.2.28             One (1) no metal plate profile cutting machine of size 2m x 1m


11.2.29             One (1) no electric annealing furnace of size 3½ft x 3½ft and temperature range upto 500ºC.


11.2.30             Two (2) nos. oxy acetylene cutting torch with regulating nozzles and welding of size/capacity of 2 ft x 2 ft


11.2.31             Two (2) nos. electric arc welding machine with 40-300 Amps current range


11.2.32             Two (2) nos. argon arc welding sets of capacity 400 amps


11.2.33             One (1) no electric drying oven 50-250°C with thermostatic temperature control of capacity 8 kg (500 Watts)


11.2.34             Three (3) nos. welding tables of size 900mm X 600mm


11.2.35             Four (4) nos. soldering iron wire


11.2.36             One (1) no brazing hearth of capacity 100 kW


11.2.37             One (1) no portable electric crucible of 250 V, 31.5 kW


11.2.38             One (1) no portable screen (6 ft high)


11.2.39             One (1) no portable compressor


11.2.40             One (1) no compressed air driven spraying equipment of capacity 10 (Ten) gallon complete with Spray Gun & accessories


11.2.41             One (1) no portable sanding machine.


11.2.42             One (1) set of portable paint scrapers.


11.2.43             One (1) set of sign writing equipment and stencil.


11.2.44             One (1) no buffing and polishing machine.


11.3.0               Electrical Work            Power supply: 3 phase LT power supply at 415 VAC, 50 Hz shall be provided at a single point.   Any other voltage level, if required for operation of the machine, shall be arranged by the Bidder.            Supply and installation of cables upto the local starter panel of each equipment.            Adequate lighting and earthing shall be provided in workshop building.


11.3.2               Civil, Steel Structural and Architectural Works            Workshop building to house various equipments mentioned above.                        All foundation and grouting including all anchor bolts, sleeves nuts etc.      


11.4.0               Miscellaneous Equipments


11.4.1               Supply of recommended spares for five (5) years trouble free operation for the workshop equipment.


11.4.2               First fill of all lubricants & consumables.


11.4.3               Supply of one (1) set of special tools & tackles, if required.


11.4.4               Training of Purchaser’s operating personnel for operation & maintenance of the equipment.


11.4.5               Cleaning, Protection and Painting


Surfaces of all parts shall be cleaned to remove scale, dirt, oil, grease etc. prior to assembly of the equipment.  All openings shall be covered to guard against damage and entry of foreign objects during transportation.


All machined surfaces, not to be painted, shall be thoroughly cleaned and shop coats of rust inhibiting paints shall be applied.


All surfaces shall be cleaned by sand blasting to Swedish standard SA-2½ before painting.


All internal and external surfaces of the cold surfaces of the equipment shall be painted before dispatch, with two coats of high quality primer & two coats of finish paint.  All the metal parts not accessible for painting shall be made of corrosion resistant material.  Loose parts including tools and tackle, if any, shall be securely packed in wooden packing cases (pilfer proof packing) and shall be properly marked. The packing shall be done in such a way that there is no movement of inside material during transit.


11.5.0               Performance Guarantee


11.5.1               The Bidder shall guarantee that the various workshop equipment and accessories thereof offered shall meet the design standards, size/capacity and performance requirements.


11.5.2               Test procedure for performance tests at site shall be approved by the Purchaser before conducting the tests.


11.5.3               The bidder shall also guarantee that the materials and workmanship of the components installed by him under this specification are first class in every respect and that he will replace/make good free of cost any defects for reasons of faulty material and workmanship, which may develop within the guarantee period.


        Instruction for erection, pre-commissioning check-up, operation, abnormal conditions, maintenance and repair.

        Write-up on Controls and Interlocks provided.

        Recommended inspection points and intervals of inspection.

        Schedule of preventive maintenance.

        Ordering information for all replaceable spare parts.

        Recommendation for type and quantity of lubricants, lubricating points, frequency of lubrication and lubricant changing schedule.

        The information shall be organized in a logical and orderly sequence. A general description of the equipment including significant technical characteristics shall be included to familiarize operating and maintenance personnel with the equipment.

        Necessary drawings and/or other illustrations shall be included or copies of appropriate final drawings shall be bound in the manual. Test adjustment and calibration information, as appropriate, shall be included and shall be identified to the specific equipment. Safety and other warning notices and assembly, maintenance and operating cautions shall be emphasized.

         A spare parts list marked on equipment GA drawings shall be included showing part nomenclature, manufacturer’s part number and/or other information necessary for accurate identification and ordering of replacement parts.

         Instruction Manuals shall be securely bound in durable folder.

         If a standard manual is furnished covering more than the specific equipment purchased, the applicable model (or other identification) number, parts number and other information for the specific equipment purchased shall be clearly identified. Sectional drawing to suitable scale and other data for the particular equipment supplied must be included in the Instruction Manual.

        The Instruction Manual shall include the list of all special tools and tackle furnished with complete drawings and instruction for use of such tools and tackle.

11.6.0               Spares


11.6.1               Recommended spares


The supply of recommended spares as necessary and recommended by the respective manufacturer for five (5) years of reliable operation of all equipment shall be under the scope of this package.


List of such spares and the price quoted against such spare parts shall be supplied.


11.6.2               Commissioning Spares


Spares, which may be required during erection, testing and commissioning, shall be arranged separately, cost of which shall be included in quoted price.


11.6.3               General Requirement for Spares            All spares required for operation/maintenance by the Purchaser shall be delivered in unused new condition.            Spares shall be interchangeable with the parts for which those are intended for replacement.            Bidder shall indicate the service expectancy period for critical & major spares under normal operating conditions after which replacement will be necessary.            Spares shall be properly packed for long storage under the prevailing site condition.


11.7.0               Special Tools & Tackles


The Bidder shall quote for the special tools and tackles, which may be required for maintenance, overhaul, and replacement of various equipment/component to be supplied under this contract. Order for the special tools & tackle may be placed simultaneously or otherwise at the option of the Purchaser.


List of such tools and tackles shall be furnished.


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